Shop-in-Progress; Update

Good morning!

So, the shop construction will be going underway this month!! Due to some setbacks in my personal life, I have not been able to build up the stock that I was hoping to have by this time, but I don’t want to keep the wait going any longer! I will be posting up some prints, my “animalandscape” series of framed colored colored pencil illustrations and some original pieces as well. Within the next few months more prints, phone cases and apparel will be in the works!

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Thank you all for the continued love and support! Have a beautiful day and a great weekend ❤


Etsy shop under construction until Feb/March 2017

My Etsy shop (currently “EmJae Lightningbug Art” will be closed for shop construction from now until Feb/March 2017. I am working with a new local print shop, which will allow me to hold more stock in-house and provide better prices and less time between orders and deliveries. In addition, I will be adding more textile-based products like clothes and tapestries.

I’ve decided to expand my shop to host not only products with my artwork on them, but to use my love of botany and natural magic to create resin-cast charms, pendants and statues. Due to this addition, I am strongly considering changing my shop name to something that will encompass both art forms and intentions. I will be giving weekly updates here on the main page, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or on social media.

Thank you so much for your patience and your support! I can’t wait to re-open with an amazing arsenal of visual and practical art for healing.