As I continue to grow on my path seeking Higher Understanding, I find myself compelled to share my lessons and express my love through art. My work is focused on promoting peace, mindful and meditative states-of-mind and inspiring others to seek Higher knowledge. As such, I focus my pieces on combining elements of our conscious experience with the unconscious. Each brush stroke is an act of intention and love, and each painting expresses a facet of the psychedelic and human experience, and each fractal represents the ever-changing, ever-cycling nature of reality and growth. My paintings blend the spiritual meanings of colors, often associated with the seven Chakra system of Hindu, with ancient numerology to create abstract pieces of intentional art.

My live painting style is heavily focused on my ability to open myself up to and channel the energy of my surrounding environment. I allow the natural setting, the individual experiences and the collective energy of an event come through in my work. As such, I set aside certain paintings for festivals and other events in which I can work on for multiple days, as this gives me time to meet and get to know individual festival goers, experience the other forms of creativity around, connect with the environment and observe the collective consciousness shift and grow throughout the experience.