Artist Statement:

Throughout my life I have always felt a deep connection with visual expression. I started illustrating at 13 when my biggest inspiration was anime and video game scenery, though surrealism had a special place in my heart since experiencing Salvador Dali’s work during childhood. At 22 I went to my first festival and witnessed psychedelic, visionary live painting for the first time. I began painting shortly after, expanding my creativity to encompass spiritual and metaphysical philosophy. My work heavily focuses on marrying the geometric nuances of psychedelic art with landscapes and portraiture to create visually-satisfying, multi-dimensional images. I would say the best way to describe my style is “psychedelic surrealism.” The underlying message behind my work is that “nothing is as it seems,” by marrying aspects of reality with tropes found in psychedelic experiences I aim to create a balance between depicting reality and what lies beyond the veil of perception.

I believe that we must all find our own path in our own time. By working in fine art, I can help people find answers, and awaken to new ideas and perceptions through a subconscious means. Thus while the work is meant to aid and heal in spiritual development, it does not intrude on one’s free-will in growth.


About Live Painting:

My live painting style is heavily focused on my ability to open myself up to and channel the energy of my surrounding environment. I allow the natural setting, the individual experiences and the collective energy of an event come through in my work. As such, I set aside certain paintings for festivals and other events in which I can work on for multiple days, as this gives me time to meet and get to know individual festival goers, experience the other forms of creativity around, connect with the environment and observe the collective consciousness shift and grow throughout the experience.