Works in progress & a February update!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been hard at work pushing my artistic expression to its limits both conceptually and technically; while the road is long and filled with ups and downs, I find these challenges very rewarding to my spirit. I figured I’d show you all some pictures of the works in progress, as they aren’t quite finished yet [;

This one is very close to being finish. I’m hoping that 2-3 more sessions should do the trick~


“Aquatic Meditation Vibes” 16inx20in oil on canvas (unfinished)

This one still has a little ways longer to go, but it has been coming along wonderfully, and I’m so excited to see where it goes next!


“Twin Flame” 16inx20in oil on canvas (unfinished)


It’s also been a busy month of applying to music festivals, making some local connections here in NW Michigan and exploring crystal healing work, astrology and garden witchcraft on a deeper level this winter. Tis the season for transformation and reflection, after all, and I am definitely loving the fruits of embracing the winter archetype!

Oh, and my love and I have become engaged as of January 20! That’s a bit of life news that’s worth updating, eh?! We set our wedding date for June 16, 2018 which allows us to take our time with planning so that our lives don’t become completely wedding-consumed and we can savor our engagement.



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