Bird-Man and Grandfather Time

3.13.15 time and bird man jpeg

(Click image for full size)

Saw a crack in a bathroom tile that looked like this Bird-Man, so I sketched it. Also, some concept sketches for Grandfather Time [:


Years & Years Poster Design Contest

Hello my beautiful friends and supporters!

I have been busy working on more entries for design contests, and I’ve recently submitted a completed work to the Years & Years design contest!! If you have a few minutes, please click here and vote for my submission! Also, for my fellow LA homies, don’t forget to check them out at The Troubadour on March 25th!!!!


Euphoria Design Contest Submission!

Hello, beautiful individuals!!

I have been working quite hard on my entry for the Euphoria Design Contest, and today I finally submitted it! The work isn’t quite over yet, though, as I need some help from lovely friends and supporters.

Please click here to look at my design, and if you like it then PLEASE VOTE & SHARE! My dream is to be a festival artist, so I’ve poured a lot of mind, body, heart, and soul into this artwork; I hope it shows!!!

Thank you so much (in advance) for helping me out. I am truly grateful for the wonderful love and support from you all ❤


Em xx